Joe A. MacGown-Surreal Collaborations

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Many of the images presented below were done as collaborations with other surreal artists in the Exquisite Corpse Club on the Deviant Art web site. For more information about the Exquisite Corpse Club go to: http://theexquisitecorpse.deviantart.com/ Others were done with various artists on the Deviant Art site, but not as a part of the Exquisite Corpse Club. (Please click the thumbnails to view larger versions of the artwork.)


Hide n Seek

Optimistic Despair

Ancient Neogothic Eye

Dark Tangle Weed

At the Edge of Hell's Jungle


Another Day at the Landfill

Subconscious Tendrillation

sub photic region

Sub-Photic Region

Release Your Mind


Idiosyncratic McKainations

Neogothic Jam Covered Chelovek

Yin an Yang

Yin and Yang

Three Muses

Orchidoplastic union

Orchidoplasmic union

Lunacy of the Insomniacs

The Fallacy of Panacea

Garden of Unearthly Delights

Nemo's Surprise


Just West of Eden

Auric Angel Gone Awry

Lithophillic Hallucinations


The Abyss of the Mind

Dacetine Radiation

Lineated Woman

Malicious Infestation