"Auric Angel Gone Awry" by Joe MacGown

Auric Angel Gone Awry by Joe MacGown and Gromyko Semper

MIxed media-ink on a digital abstract painting printed on drawing paper (8 X 11 inches). This was a collaboration with an artist named Gromyko Semper from the Phillipines. He did an abstract digital painting, which I then printed (with his permission) and then drew strange things using his preformed background. This sort of random, subconscious drawing is one of my favorite methods, although this was the first time I had used someone else's art to begin with. Because we had never heard of any other artists doing this type of collaboration, we felt the need to coin a name for this style and process of creature. The name we came up with was "Indiscriminate polygraphy". Look for more of this, and remember, you heard it here first! (I hope to have multitudes of followers of this collaborative technique).

Here is what Gromyko's original image looked like before I drew on it. To me, at least, it is easy to see the creatures that I created in this image. This is such a cool way to draw. Its almost too easy and very rewarding. Simply create some type of abstract color piece and draw on it. If the texture or media is not condusive to drawing on, then scan it and print it on drawing paper. Then draw on that. That is exactly what I did here. Much easier since Gromyko lives in the Philippines and I am in Mississippi.

Original not for sale. Contact me about prints of this image.