"Gordenobyte" by Joe MacGown

2013, Ink wash, acrylic paint, and Rapidigraph pen on birch plywood (11.5 X 24 inches)
Prints for sale at My Deviant Art Site or contact me by email.

This piece was also included in a wonderful book entitled "The encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs." Two more pieces by me (Green Silence and Kronos) are also included in the book, as well as artwork by a bunch of other super talented artists from around the world. A large exhibtion featuring works from this book was held at Bash Gallery in San Francisco in 2015. Read more about this cool project at http://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/garden-of-fernal-delights.html.

Framed Original - $1,350 plus shipping

*SOLD* at the LUSO-American Exhbition in Dallas, TX, March, 2014