"Kronos" by Joe MacGown

Mixed media (colored pencil, watercolor, and ink) on cold press illustration board (24 x 24 inches), 2014.

Framed Orginal drawing for sale $2000 plus shipping


This is the letter "K" I did for the chapter beginning with K in the amazingly cool book "The encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs." This piece was on the page opposite of a painting by Alex and Allyson Grey. It, along with two other works of mine (Gordenbyte and Green Silence) included in the book, and artwork by a bunch of other super talented artists from around the world, was included in an exhibition at the Bash Gallery in San Francisco as part of the book launch. Read more about the project at http://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/garden-of-fernal-delights.html.


View of Kronos framed (sorry, I did not get complete frame in photo)

Closeup of part of the right corner

A picture of Kronos opposite a collaborative piece by Alex and Alyson Grey in "The encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs."