Energizing Radiance 2010 - Exhibition of the Energy Art Movement 3-9 July - 3 August 2010

The Energy Art Movement had its third group exhibition entitled "Energizing Radiance" at Gallery 56 in Memphis, TN. The show opened on 9 July 2010 and runs until 3 August 2010. I had two piece in this show: "Infinity" and "Dreaming of Id". Gallery Fifty Six is located at 2256 Central Ave. Memphis 38104, USA, and their gallery hours are Tue - Sat, 10am - 5pm.

The show went well, and lots of people attended the opening. Several pieces were sold at the show including my "Dreaming of Id" painting! Viewers had varying degrees of interest and there were many questions asked. Thanks to Gallery 56 and curators Kollin Koscis and Janice Nabors Raiteri for hosting the show. For a youtube video of the the show by one of the curators, Rollin Koscis, go to: Energized Radiance Reception Video

Dreaming of Id


Exhibitors with works in the show
International Members
Patricia Ariel (Brazil, now USA) • Dan Bunea (Romania) • Adam James Davis (UK) • Bernard Dumaine (France) • Kuba Fiedorowicz (Australia) • Simon Haiduk (Canada) • Helene Kippert (Australia) • Dennis Konstantin (Germany) • Heidi Koubek (Austria) • Stefania Marchionni (Italy) • Miguel Tiσ (Dominican Republic, now USA) • Jeroen van Valkenburg (Netherlands) • Giorgio Vaselli (Hungary, now Canada) • Niall J. Ward (Ireland) • Christina Williams (UK)

American Members
Stephen Holding (New York, NY) • Rollin Kocsis (Memphis, TN) • Joe MacGown (Starkville, MS) • Ken D. Matheson (Las Vegas, NV) • Janelle McKain (Omaha, NE) • Adam Scott Miller (Marysville, PA) • Peggy Mintun (Columbus, OH) • Christopher Panatier (Dallas, TX) • Greg Pettit (Austin, TX) • Janice Nabors Raiteri (Memphis, TN) • Olga Spiegel (New York, NY) • John Vega (Boulder, CO) • Ζres Vistaas (New York, NY).

About the Movement The Energy Art Movement emerged from a global network of artists in May of 2008, when five artists from the US, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Hungary laid down its founding principles in their manifesto. The Movement rapidly grew in popularity, and has already reached over a hundred members as of today. The self-exposure of artists due to online networks has been the primary source by which members have been discovered and invited. While applications via our website have grown week by week, the Movement remains quite selective due to its principles. Head Organizer Giorgio Vaselli and the committee have collaborated on the vision and work behind the Movement. The Movement has recieved positive feedback from online networking channels and at exhibitions. Members continue to fund their participation in shows, which in the future we hope to ease with sponsors in line with our principles. Our primary source of support has been and will always be the people interested in our art and coming to our exhibitions to appreciate it.

Giorgio Vaselli and me with my Infinity drawing between us

Giorgio, Rollins, and me in front of one of Rollin Kocsis' paintings


looking at my drawing

Julie, me, and Joseph in front of "Dreaming of Id"