Joe A. MacGown Totem Poles and Tikis

A not so good photo of a totem pole I recently carved at my house. This crazy thing was Joseph's idea and he helped me make it. I did the actual carving, but he helped with sanding and painting. It is carved from a cedar tree from our property that had died.

Base of totem pole showing jaguar and turtle.

Me and the kid painting the totem pole.

Mid section showing gator head and eagle head.

A rustic "tiki" like carving made from cedar. This one is a bit more rough than the first totem pole, but it was supposed to be. I will probably do a few more of these of different sizes and scatter them around the yard or in the woods here and there. This particular one is about 6 feet tall (above ground).

Close up of Tiki.

A couple more cedar sculptures-the short one is about 3 &1/2 ft tall, and the other one is about 6 & 1/2 ft tall.

Close up of the big head.