Joe A. MacGown - Fish, Crabs, and Denizons of the Sea Gallery

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Some of my recent color works (2006-PRESENT).
Please click the thumbnails to view larger versions of the artwork

Red Drum

Fat Fish


Primitive Fish

Red Fish

Fish (SOLD)

Gordenobyte (SOLD)


Red Flathead

Red Bird Fish

Red Gold Fish


Happy Sea Turtle

Trippy Sea Turtle

Melancholy Blue Fish

Snouty Blue Fish

Goldfish 1 (SOLD)

Blue Fish (SOLD)

Reef of Dreams (SOLD)

Sumayan Octopus - SOLD

Octopus - SOLD

In Lobster We Trust (SOLD)

Inquisitive Fish (SOLD)

Fish Tails

Colored Fish (SOLD)

Blue Crab

Go With the Flow

Goldfish 2 (SOLD)

Red-tailed Blue Fish (SOLD)

Fish Swarm