Joe A. MacGown-Color Surreal Art Gallery 2
(Deities, Angels, Interdimensional Travelers)

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Some of my recent color works (2006-PRESENT).
Please click the thumbnails to view larger versions of the artwork

Cassian, Warrior of LIght

Blue Angel - SOLD

Birthing Madonna

Arthropozoic Naiad

Fetal Thinker

Teddy Bear

Hip Moth Bunny -SOLD

Devion the 3-eyed King

Polyp - SOLD


My Precious

King For a Day

Fledging - SOLD

Tryo Face


Fest Boy

My Mother - SOLD

Weird head

Horny Imp - SOLD

Bringer of Dreams - SOLD



The Myth of Adolescence

Krampus Reindeer

Mystical Bunny (SOLD)

Billy the Beak -SOLD

Totem Pagan Goddess

Aztec Boxer -SOLD

Nine Lives -SOLD

Red Dawn

Lunar Crab Guide -SOLD

Pizza Fairy -SOLD

Wasp Fairy -SOLD

Franken Fairy -SOLD

Twitter Bird

Feed Me -SOLD

Tadpole -SOLD

Contemplative Bunny -SOLD

Freaky Octopus


Peaceful Wasp Queen

Psychic Grasshopper - SOLD

Queen Betty - SOLD



Merciful Angel of Crabs

Madonna & Child

Mitey Fly





Two-Headed Snake

Love Thyself