Joe A. MacGown-Color Surreal Art Gallery 3
(Random Trippy Scenes and Creatures)

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Smaller color pieces, mostly done from mid 1990's through about 2008.
Please click the thumbnails to view larger versions of the artwork

Fungal Jungal (SOLD)

Door Number 2


Gideon's Trumpet (SOLD)

Lament of the Deep (SOLD)

Life in the Lower Levels

Facing the Future


The Abyss of the Mind

Forest Faces


Lithophillic Hallucination

Scavenger (SOLD)

Red-headed Phoenix Dog


Coal Creek Creature


Golden Stuff

Eclipse Watcher

Whee! - SOLD


Baxter's Journey - SOLD

Alien Emergence

Cosmic Growth


Landscape Number 2

Purple Stuff

Red Tree

Butterlies Number 2 (SOLD)


Butterflies Number 1 (SOLD)


Tasmanian Mite